The majority of healthy women can expect to have an uncomplicated pregnancy, to begin labour naturally and to give birth to a healthy baby. Women are often unaware that they have the right to information on the risks and benefits of procedures and tests during pregnancy and to choose whether or not they will have it, including screening for gestational diabetes. Our resource provides consumers with evidence-based information about gestational diabetes (GDM). Information covered:

  • What is GDM
  • The process of screening for GDM
  • The disadvantages of having a single test
  • Treating GDM
  • An outline of the differing opinions on gestational diabetes
  • The risks of overdiagnosis
  • How to minimise the risks.

While screening for gestational diabetes has become a routine part of pregnancy care, the definition of this condition has recently been widened and there is now a risk of many pregnant women being overdiagnosed and having their birth managed in a way that would not have occurred had they not been labelled as having gestational diabetes. This resource helps consumers make informed decisions around GDM screening.


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