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The Maternity Services Consumer Council is a consumer based organisation with an interest in the provision of maternity services throughout Aotearoa New Zealand and womens’ needs and experiences during their maternity experiences.

Membership of the MSCC is free and is open to community groups and individuals with an interest in maternity services. The Council works with women of all cultures to promote the rights of women throughout the birthing cycle. The Council endorses the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) recommendations on Appropriate Technology for Birth (1985) and Appropriate Technology Following Birth (1986).

We emphasise the concept of partnership between consumers, health funders, planners and providers of maternity care. We oppose the unnecessary medicalisation of childbirth and so we aim to share information and ideas to explore alternative patterns of maternity care and provide a powerful voice for women using maternity services and to advocate for them when needed. The Maternity Services Consumer Council monitors the provision of maternity care to ensure funders, planners and providers are responsive to consumer needs.

Birth is a normal life cycle event that can be joyful as shown by this mother ecstatic after the birth of her baby
Birth can be ecstatic and joyful – Image by Bethany petrik on Flickr

The Maternity Services Consumer Council believes that birth is a normal life cycle event. We believe that birth is a family affair, an experience to be shared as the woman and her family/whanau choose. We believe that women have the right to any information that could affect their care or that of their baby.

We know that continuity of care is of the utmost importance to women and their families/whanau. We believe that midwives are the guardians of normal childbirth and in this role they must act as the advocate of the birthing woman. We believe that maternity care and related support services must be of a high standard and be accessible and acceptable to women and that all decisions relating to maternity care must involve the active participation of women health consumer representatives so that maternity services meet the needs of those who use them.

Our Team

Adith Stoneman

Adith Stoneman


Adith joined the team at MSCC in September 2015 as administrator, and then as a coordinator. She came to the MSCC with a background as a childbirth educator and has been involved with the La Leche League for many years.

Older child kissing newborn baby

Brenda Hinton

Liason Coordinator

Brenda has been a member of the Steering Group since the founding of the MSCC in 1990. Brenda has had an active involvement in maternity consumer representation and education for several decades and joined the MSCC management team as Liaison Coordinator in 2018.

Kristin White

Publicity and Promotions

I am a Doula, Certified Healing Birth Practitioner and am a qualified childbirth educator. I’ve also completed papers in communications and counselling. I’ve experienced three very different births: a hospital C-section, hospital vaginal birth after caesarean (V-BAC) and homebirth after caesarean (HBAC). I believe in a woman’s power to birth and the profound impact birthing has on both mama and baby. I believe all births can be beautiful and empowering, and that all Mama’s have a right to feel fully informed and able to make decisions during their birth journey. Outside of my birth work, I love spending time in nature, hanging with my gorgeous girls and husband, music and watching a great series on Netflix!
I am excited to be on board with Maternity Services Consumer Council as their Creative publicity and Promotions person, sharing their resources and passion for choices in childbirth in NZ.

Logo of Maternity Services Consumer Council (MSCC)

Steering Group

The MSCC Steering Group is made up of volunteers who have a special interest in the provision of maternity services. Some Steering Group members represent other maternity consumer organisations or are individuals who have an interest in ensuring that our maternity service provision is responsive to and respectful of, the stated needs of mothers, their babies and families. MSCC welcomes enquiries from anyone who is interested in supporting our work.

Get involved

If you are an organisation and would like to join the Maternity Services Consumer Council or would like get involved as an individual please email us for more information. We would love to have you!

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