Over the past few decades studies have revealed that the birthing environment has a significant impact on a woman during labour and birth. This research shows that where a woman labours influences both the progress of her labour and her birth outcome. If the birthing environment is one which supports the basic physical and hormonal needs of a labouring woman then this will help her to give birth normally and safely without unnecessary interventions. In this way the birthing environment itself can be seen as an intervention that can either help or hinder a woman giving birth.

This resource provides consumers with evidence-based information about how place of birth can impact labour and birth, as well as future health and includes:

  • Safe birthing environments
  • The hormones of labour and birth
  • Disturbing the cocktail of hormones
  • Interventions
  • Creating a supportive birth space

Information on place of birth and birth environment can help women and their whanau/families make an informed choice about where to labour and birth.


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