Most healthy pregnant women can expect the natural process of labour to result in the vaginal birth of a healthy baby. Despite this fact caesarean section has become the most commonly performed surgical procedure in the western world. Caesarean section rates continue to rise, while mounting evidence of the short and long term harms that having a caesarean poses for mothers and babies continues to emerge. When a caesarean section is really necessary it can be a life-saving operation for a mother and/or her baby. However, because so many of the caesarean sections performed these days are not necessary, the result has been a rapid rise in significant harms to both mothers and babies.

The Maternity Services Consumer Council has produced a A5 20 page resource booklet, with over 200 reference to provide consumers with evidence based information about caesarean sections.

Information covered:

  • What is a caesarean section?
  • Making and informed choice
  • Absolute Indications for a caesarean section either elective or emergency
  • Debatable Indications for a caesarean section either elective or emergency
  • Short and Long term risks of a caesarean to mothers
  • Short and Long term risks to baby
  • Long-term risks to baby
  • How to avoid unnecessary caesareans
  • Vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC)
  • Minimising the risks – a gentle caesarean section

Before women consent to caesarean sections they should understand why the operation is being recommended. This resource helps women and their whanau/families make and informed decision about caesarean surgery.


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