Here at Maternity Services Consumer Council we provide a variety of services within the Maternity sector including:

Pregnant woman in white top against cream background
  • Advocating for women and families, encouraging them to participate in all decisions relating to their pregnancy, birth and parenting options. We believe all women and their partners, families and support people should be informed and included in decisions relating to their care.
  • Information on maternity services to individuals and other community groups.
  • Access to our comprehensive information files and historical maternity information for school, midwifery, nursing students and interested individuals.
  • A quarterly newsletter sent out to individuals, interested parties, consumer groups and available on demand on our website. The newsletter features articles on a range of controversial issues.
  • MSCC researches and produces articles on maternity topics as well as highlighting international and national studies on maternity care.
  • Consumer representatives for health committees and working parties at both a local and national level within the maternity sector.

To find out how you can get involved please contact us at [email protected]

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